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Од Wikibooks

Hello, in regards to Македонското востание во Кресна - 1878, by Ivan Katardzhiev and translated to English by John Swanson: both of these people must agree to release this work as free content, otherwise it is a copyright violation.

If you know either of these people, and you think they will release this book, that would be good. They need to email permissions@wikimedia.org. I have OTRS access, so I can help with the paper work. John Vandenberg 11:28, 15 јули 2008 (UTC)

Greece and the Macedonian Question is copyright to Victor Roudometof (1964-). John Vandenberg 11:34, 15 јули 2008 (UTC)

Recovering Macedonia and Big Greek Lies are copyright to Risto Stefov. John Vandenberg 11:45, 15 јули 2008 (UTC)

Macedonia and the Macedonian people is copyright to Blaze Ristovski. John Vandenberg 11:48, 15 јули 2008 (UTC)