D. Evidence submitted by the Government in support of their allegation that some of the members of the applicant association were in possession of arms

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42. In support of this allegation the Government have submitted copies of two documents.

43. The first is a copy of an article from the Kontinent daily newspaper, dated 1/2 March 1997. The newspaper informed that a Mr D.P.K. had been arrested in Petrich for having threatened police officers with blowing up their homes, as they had impeded his business. During the arrest the police had allegedly discovered explosives in Mr D.P.K.’s home. The short publication went on by recalling that Mr D.P.K. was allegedly a leader of Ilinden and a “Macedonian activist”.

44. The second submission appears to be a photocopy of a flyer announcing the founding of an organisation and inviting those interested to join. The document bears no signature. It dates allegedly from 1995 and appears to have been typed on a typewriter. The flyer explained that the newly created United Macedonian Organisation Nova did not wish to replace Ilinden. It criticised certain leaders of the applicant association. The flyer further stated that the new organisation would form armed groups with the aim of “helping the Republic of Macedonia to survive”.

45. The Government have not provided any comment or additional information on the contents of the two documents submitted by them.

46. During the hearing before the Court, in response to a question put to her, the Government’s agent informed the Court that no criminal proceedings relevant to the present case have ever been brought against members of the applicant association.